Starting my life in CompIndia

It was on the 3rd of March the first day of our life in CompIndia. We joined here as trainees for mobile development, we were a team of 14 and everyone around us were new to us, we felt like aliens in human world the way everyone was looking at us and some among us possibly remembered few of those that attended the interview together. We were all asked to sit and wait in the conference room and in walked Jyothi (the HR) and Sharda (the Director of Operations), They gave us a formal welcome and briefed about CompIndia, we were sure that they were trying to cool us down on the first day and break the ice so that we can all feel comfortable with each other and get to know each other so Jyothi asked each one of us to come up in-front of the training batch and talk about ourselves, giving a small introduction about us to the entire team and what she tried actually made us open up we started feeling comfortable it was almost lunch by the time everyone completed, we were asked to go for an early lunch as it was the first day, when we came back Jyothi took us to the floor where the entire team was waiting for us, we were asked to introduce ourselves to the team and once we (the fresher’s) completed the seniors introduced themselves to us, it was difficult to remember all the name even though it was a small crowd, but we knew that as days go by we will get to know each other very well after the introduction Jyothi asked us to wait in the conference room as the trainers will come and interact with us, everyone was scared with a tingling feel in the stomach as to how the session would go but it was just the opposite, the trainers were cool and were speaking with us as though we had been friends for ages, this made us feel very comfortable with the company, we had 4 trainers Satheesh was the Android team leader and he was handling the Android training, Calvin was the iOS team leader and he was handling the iOS training, Ram was the PHP team leader and he was handling the general training, he was training us on the server and web-services and Mace, he was handling the communication training, the last part of the day went by with them talking about the company and as to how the training was going to be divided into, we were getting more comfortable with the trainers but everyone had just one major question as to which team they would be put into, the trainers informed us that we will be divided into our teams later based on the technology we know, so that was the end of day one.
For the next couple of days we were having more of general training, the Morning session (first four hours) were taken by Calvin and Satheesh and the Afternoon was divided into 2 sessions the first 2 hours were taken by Ram for SQL and Server training and later Mace took the communication training for us. We were split into teams on Wednesday and from, Thursday 6th March we had our training with our respective teams. From morning 9 AM to 12 PM the Android team had theory class and the iOS team had practical class, from 12 PM to 1PM we had SQL and Server training and after lunch from 2 PM to 3 PM we had our communication training and the last session from 3 PM to 6 PM the Android team had practical class and the iOS team had theory class, this was pretty much the routine for the 3 week that we had training for, we enjoyed our training period we learnt a lot along with a lot of fun in between and we even did have few activities in between during the weekends it was a well planned training period that we had and on the last day of our training we were so happy with the training that we received so we went ahead and entertained our trainers and the seniors with some cultural events, this training period that we had will always be a memorable moment in our lives.


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