Amazing team outing

After a lot of hard work and dedication put into completing the mobile app for one of the most famous personality in the US, we were granted a team outing by CEO as he was extremely happy and satisfied with the app along with the laurels and appreciations that he received when the app was released.
The team got together to decide as to where to go for the team outing, we had numerous ideas and putting it together was a major challenge, then we finally decided to go to MGM Dizzee World on the 21st of March and everyone was longing for that day when we will all spend time together as a team outside the office.
Finally the day arrived and everyone started calling each other to see as to how they are coming to the destination as we were a small gang of 12, we split into 2 gangs for the journey the Bikers and the Bus travelers, 7 of us got on 4 bikes and started for the destination while the remaining 5 wanted to travel by bus as it was a hot sunny day. We reached MGM by 11AM and started clicking photos to make the day memorable once Venky and Hemadri got the tickets we set of inside with big smile in everyone’s face, once inside the first ride that we got into was the Giant Wheel and everyone was exited to go on the ride, but it all started there some got scared and did not want to go on any other ride, the next couple of rides were normal but still the ones that were scared did not jump in, then came the deciding rides the Spider, the Roller Coaster and the Kamikaze Ranger, these rides are night mares for anyone will make these an unforgettable moment in anyone life. After a great compulsion we got the ones that were scared into the Spider, it was one crazy ride which spins like crazy once that was completed some opted out stating that they will not get into any other ride after that, the next was the Roller Coaster and the Kamikaze Ranger again these rides are so scary that one holds on to the safety bars for their lives especially the Kamikaze Ranger which stops upside down for about 5 seconds, where you will be able to see the world upside down, it was one of the most memorable ride as one of our team mate kept a bet with a school kid stating that he will not get scared but it just turned the other way around and eventually he lost the bet, after all these experience everyone was hungry so we decided to eat, we went to the food court and ordered a 5feet dosa and few other dishes, once done we went for swimming had an amazing time there we were playing some games in the pool we spent more than 2 hours in the pool, everyone was exhausted after 2 long hours in the pool, we started taking photos and were trying out few rides that were left behind it was already 6 PM and we had to leave.
Once out of MGM we started deciding as to where to go for dinner, again as usual we had a lot of places in mind then at last we decided to go to Buharis Blue Lagoon, there again we had some issues finding the resort at last we reached there around 7:30 PM, we ordered all the food that we wanted and ate as much as our tummy could contain and completed with desert. It is one of the most memorable moment of my life we left home with our heart filled with thanks to the management without whom this would not have been possible.


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