Fresher’s Cultural

After 3 weeks of complete training, the fresher’s wanted to entertain the senior to show their gratitude for the training that they had received so they had come up with a plan to perform cultural activities and they put in their heart and soul and practiced to make the event a grand success
It was around 4PM on Thursday evening all the management along with the seniors had taken up their seats, there was a lot nerve around among the fresher’s as they were going to perform in front of a small crowd, in walked Naveen the MC of the program with his sheet of paper in which all the events for the evening were written, as he announced the team came forward to perform, we had about 4 solo songs 2 in Tamil by Karthi and Prem, the other 2 were in Telugu by Abi and Suresh, then came a mono-acting performance by Usharani her performance was based on the crowds request, after that came a meaningful skit by Muthu, Prem, Karthikeyan, Shankar, Satheesh, Barathi, Karthik where they emphasized on the respect that should be given to the statues of the leaders of the beloved country, later came a funny act where Damodaram tried to say few Tamil punch dialogues it was a hell of a laughter performance, everyone was laughing so badly that their stomach ached followed by it was another power packed laughter performance by Vishnu, Barath & Karthik, Vishnu was saying few famous Telugu dialogues and it was literally translated into Tamil by Karthik and into English by Barath I still cannot forget few of them and the fresher’s wanted to wind up with it but there were few requests from the crowd for a dance, what followed was amazing Prem, Satheesh and Vishnu came forward and performed an amazing dance show, which took everyone by surprise wondering if they could do such a thing without any practice at all. Everyone actually did put up an awesome show the crowd really loved it.
Once the cultural program was over, appointment letters were handed over to the fresher’s and a small momentum was given to the trainers as a token of appreciation. We also did have a surprise pizza treat from the management; it was an amazing way to welcome the fresher’s.
Looking forward to see many more of these amazing events take place in this awesome company in the near future.


SINCE 2000