Enterprise Apps

Industry has moved to the App world. This mandates Enterprise software having large data to also work on smart phones. At the same time many users are not satisfied with a mobile friendly software. The solution lies in developing Enterprise Apps

Apps that run on data coming from REST services. A website that also uses REST services to publish the data. At CompIndia, we take existing website build it in PHP or .Net and create native apps. We also build the websites from the scratch when needed. The power of Enterprise Apps is just being felt by the world. Be a part of this cutting edge technology before your customers complain

iOS Apps

The iOS market is known to be quite tricky. With the App Store being pretty exclusive and the users being particularly picky, it is quite a challenging market to win over. The tiniest details have a huge impact on the success of your app. Our iOS app developers have a keen eye for the small details that your user looks out for.

Experience is of paramount importance in iOS app development. Our expert iOS developers understand the design expectation of the market and create a smooth and user friendly application. We will take you from the planning stages of your application to building it and finally publishing it in the App Store.

Cross Platforms Apps

Cross Platform app development allows you to create an app that transcends the platform barrier. You no longer have to pick one platform when now that you can have them all. We use Open Source Software like PhoneGap and Appcelerator Titanium to port a single installation file for all Operating Systems.

Cross Platform app development requires detailed knowledge about the User interface and features of each Operating System. At CompIndia, we create applications so feature rich and user friendly that they feel like a native app.


A well crafted website can do wonders for your business. When it comes to websites, aesthetics and user experience are extremely important.  Your customers see a clean and well designed website from their Desktops, iPads, iPhones, Tabs, Android Phones and any smart phone. HTML5 allows the deployment of dynamic websites. This means you can have a number of interactive elements on the website without forcing the user to download any plug-ins.

At CompIndia, we have an enthusiastic team of web and graphic designers ready to bring your website to life. We have designed over a thousand websites of different styles using a broad range of tools.

Android Apps

Android is one of the most popular platforms for mobile app development. The Google Play Store has over a million applications and over a billion users. If you want to stand out in this gargantuan crown, your application must be flawless.

Here at CompIndia, we strive to create Native Android Apps that are Enterprise in nature. We have firmly established ourselves in the app development market. We have created Enterprise Apps for the Finance Industry, Airline Industry, Transport Industry and much more. Our App developers are always on their toes to meet the challenge of a new Android Smart Phone being released almost every day.



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